25 reasons we’re naming Sansa Stark the Queen in the North

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11. She looks (and acts) just like her mother

The Tully gene definitely won out for Sansa. After all, she has her mother Catelyn’s signature auburn hair, and a Riverlander’s determination. The strong family resemblance even drove Littlefinger into becoming an integral part of Sansa’s life (although we can’t help but admit it’s still a little creepy).

Sansa begins to command a greater deal of respect with just her voice, much like her mother displayed in the earlier seasons. Catelyn was a true matriarchal figure. Even after her death, people spoke of her loyalty and sense of honor to her family. Sansa is developing all the same qualities that made her mother a leader, but that path still has a few roadblocks along the way thanks to Baelish’s continued intervention.

In terms of warfare, Sansa is now taking over the same matronly role Catelyn had for Robb, but this time for Jon. If there’s one thing Stark men are good at, it’s listening to the Stark women. They know feelings better than the men, who tend to jump into things without thinking. And even though we find out Jon is only half-Stark, he learns how important it is to take Sansa’s word into account. He may be King in the North for now, but she’ll always be the true Lady of Winterfell.