3 OMG Moments From The Walking Dead S7E8 “Hearts Still Beating”


The midseason finale of The Walking Dead set us up for a dramatic second half of season seven. But the question remains: who will live?

If you haven’t watched the midseason finale, you can catch my recap here before reading any further. There will be spoilers.

After eight long episodes of The Walking Dead’s seventh season, we’re finally gearing up for a fight. Took them long enough. This season started off rocky. Killing two of its main characters during its premiere was risky but they decided to go for it. (RIP Glenn and Abraham) But it did push the character development for a few characters forward.

First off, Maggie. We always knew Maggie was a leader but she had been taking a back seat recently to Glenn and the others, especially now that she’s pregnant. Losing Glenn (along with her father and sister) made her realize she has nothing to lose, as sad as that is. So she’s gearing up to put everything on the line. But she also has this little piece of Glenn left- the baby. If she had lost the baby, then I think things would’ve been different for her. She’s now the leader of Hilltop and that’s going to come in handy when Rick calls on them to fight Negan.

The second and third people are Sasha and Rosita, who both lost Abraham. Even if he wasn’t with anyone at this point, it was still heartbreaking to watch Abraham throw up that signature peace sign to Sasha before he was beaten to death by Negan. Both women have always been strong but this season was different. They both stepped up to the plate and although Rosita basically got Olivia killed, that needed to happen to hammer home the idea that Negan needs to be stopped.

The last person is then Daryl. I think he felt a lot of the blame for Glenn’s death and he needed that time in solitude (even if it was spent being tortured and starved and sleep deprived). I’m not saying he needed to be tortured but I think it was best he wasn’t around Rick and the gang for that period of time. I think he would’ve ran off and never come back so his time over at Camp Negan actually kept him alive and reminded him that he still had work to do with Rick.

So now that we have all these character developments that happened over the course of this season, I think it’s safe to say that we can only get better from here. (Knocking on wood while I say this). Ratings have certainly declined during the first half of S7 but it’s possible they could make a comeback during this next half. We’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s talk my 3 “OMG” moments from the midseason finale:

Spencer has a lot of guts.

I think it’s always shocking when someone dies on TV, even if its on shows like The Walking Dead where someone is dying every other week. But what a way to go. Spencer was literally gutted on this past episode and I don’t think anyone saw that coming. (Unless you read the comics, of course). And I thought getting your neck sliced open at Terminus was bad.

Image via AMC

Daryl escaped.

Daryl. ESCAPED. While Negan was out slicing and dicing Spencer’s abdomen, Daryl was plotting his escape. And he conveniently ran into Jesus while he was doing so. I knew jesus would come in handy eventually. Daryl makes his way back to the Hilltop, with the people he belongs with. It’ll be convenient that Daryl knows the ins and outs of Camp Negan for future attacking purposes.

Image via AMC

Rick finally came to his senses.

This was probably the best scene in all of The Walking Dead history. This scene along may have made up for this entire season being somewhat garbage. Rick Grimes walking into Hilltop with his squad. Goosebumps. All the goosebumps. Rick Grimes finally realizes that he needs to step up and take on Negan. In scenes for the next half of S7, it seems as though he’s talking to The Kingdom too and that’ll certainly come in handy. But will Tara give away the details of the Seaside women? Here’s hoping.

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This is all I wanted all season. This one moment and now that it’s finally here, I have two months to stress out about it. Let me get my anxiety medicine ready for this long hiatus.

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The second half of The Walking Dead will return in February of 2017.