25 Star Wars characters who deserve a spinoff

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Cover to Revan, by Drew Karpyshyn, with art by ATTIK. Image via Del Rey.

18. Darth Revan

In terms of the in-universe Star Wars timeline, Revan is kind of Anakin Skywalker before Anakin Skywalker, in terms of the whole “both a member of the Jedi and the Sith, ultimately returning to the Light Side of the Force” storyline, down to even destroying the Sith in some form while also inspiring later generations of Dark Side users.

Revan first appears in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, set roughly 4,000 years before any of the events of the main trilogy. While that may seem rather long, one could easily compress the timeline just a little bit to make the number seem less intimidating to newer fans of the franchise. Since the game allows you to choose your own path, we won’t spoil it too much here. However, why not bring Revan back into the fold?

We’re not advocating for a Knights of the Old Republic redux, necessarily, but again, a short anthology miniseries might not hurt. Disney’s shown it’s willing to animate series like Rebels already; adult fans probably wouldn’t say no to something a bit more grown-up telling the tales of Jedi and Sith throughout the ages. Why not start with a character like Revan, known to fans around the world as the protagonist of KOTOR?