25 Star Wars characters who deserve a spinoff

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From The Force Awakens (2015). Image via Lucasfilm/Disney.

20. Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma needs a bigger role in the next two films for the main series. Fortunately, Gwendoline Christie herself has already promised us that Episode VIII will be way better for those expecting more of this villainous Stormtrooper.

Let’s face it: she did not have a good showing in The Force Awakens. We expect better of our villains who look like they could handle themselves in a fight, even if they do wear Stormtrooper armor. She has a cape and shiny armor. She should thus be a higher class of trooper.

With Phasma, it’s also really a question of learning more about how on earth she and the First Order managed to build up so much. How old is Phasma? Was she one of the first new soldiers in the Order? Alas, we don’t expect much of this to be explored in Episode VIII and Episode IX.

Additionally, this is an excuse for more Gwendoline Christie to basically be everywhere ever. She’s had plenty of time to work on her heroics as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. We’d like to see more of her villainous side. However, we’d certainly settle for reading a novel about her, since it’s not tough to imagine her mechanized voice.