25 Star Wars characters who deserve a spinoff

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From Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer. Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

5. Thrawn

Let’s take a minute and have some honesty here: Had it not been for Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, the Star Wars franchise would have had a tough time staying alive in the nearly 20-year gap between the end of the original trilogy and the start of the prequels. The books actually made it onto the New York Timesbest-seller list.

They probably would have done so with any of Timothy Zahn’s villains, but we’re incredibly happy that Thrawn happened to oppose Luke, Leia, and Han in the Legends universe.

The new world of Star Wars has already brought the Chiss grand admiral back into the fold by featuring him in Star Wars Rebels. Additionally, Timothy Zahn will publish an entirely new Thrawn novel early next year, which will also be canon.

(We may have it pre-ordered already. It’s exciting, after all.)

Although Thrawn can easily venture into a boring and perfect villain, he’s also a dangerously clever one in the right hands. Watching him rise to the top of the Imperial forces even as a non-human would make for one interesting story. We wouldn’t say no to seeing it in comic book, miniseries, or even movie form. However, Star Wars tends to like to focus on its heroes for the big films as of yet. With the Boba Fett film’s cancellation, that remains true.

Alas, we’ll just have to wait for more Thrawn.