The Complete List of Culturess’s 100 Hottest Male Celebrities of 2016

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Richard Armitage in North and South (Photo: BBC

88. Richard Armitage

Everyone fell in love with Richard Armitage with The Hobbit movies and you cannot blame them. Just look at him! But unfortunately ladies, he’s almost officially off the market. Richard just recently got engaged to his girlfriend, and many out there were crushed.

But it is okay, we can still appreciate those beautiful blue eyes and his amazingly fierce features. He isn’t what you would think of as classically handsome but there is definitely something about him. He draws you in and you would do anything for him. Maybe that’s why he made such an amazing serial killer on Hannibal.

87. Arjun Rampal

A former model and television host, Arjun is definitely a beautiful man. There is not question to his modeling career. Just looking at him, you can see him on multiple ad campaigns. But he is also an amazing actor and producer.

He is an Indian National award winning actor and he is constantly working and trying to get content out to his fans. So, not only is Arjun flawless and amazing to look out but he also works insanely hard for his craft.

Basically, he is perfect. (A lot of these men are, but Arjun works so hard that it makes him even more desirable.)