The Complete List of Culturess’s 100 Hottest Male Celebrities of 2016

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Mike Colter in Luke Cage (2016), promo courtesy of Netflix

66. Mike Colter

Luke Cage is the brooding hunk who has unbreakable skin. He came on as Jessica Jones’s sexy love interest and ended up getting his own Netflix series. The great thing about Luke Cage? Mike Colter playing him.

Mike looks like someone took some marble and crafted the perfect male body. From his big, muscular arms to his gorgeous face, Mike Colter was literally someone’s dream man came to life.

And Mike himself is everything the world needs. He is funny and sweet and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That makes him an extremely hot actor and someone we love to watch.

ROME, ITALY – NOVEMBER 14: Richard Madden attends the ‘Medici. Master of Florence e il Rinascimento italiano’ photocall during the 9th Roma Fiction Fest at Cinema Adriano on November 14, 2015 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

65. Richard Madden

Richard Madden made everyone fall in love with him as Robb Stark. He was the handsome older brother and the one who would fight for his family. And when he died on the show, so many of us lost our beautiful blue eyed boy.

But there is so much more to Richard. Mainly the story about how Richard finished filming Game of Thrones and cried on the ride home. Richard Madden has beautiful blue eyes and amazing curls. He is pretty much everything you’d think of when you think of the Stark boys. It also doesn’t hurt that Richard Madden is exceptionally hot as Prince Charming too.