The Complete List of Culturess’s 100 Hottest Male Celebrities of 2016

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Everyone has their list of the hottest men of the year. And now it is time for Culturess’s complete list of the sexiest men of 2016.

Every year, we anxiously await the hottest me lists to come out. Did our favorite celebrity make the cut? Who is named the sexiest man alive? And every year, a lot of us are disappointed. The problem with liking actors who are less well known is that they are just that. Less well known.

Being a fan of someone like Colin Firth is great except when you have to frantically wait for the sexiest man list to come out to see him as the ‘sexiest 56 year old’. We want the best for our favorites and, sometimes, you don’t get get that. Sometimes, your favorite isn’t known by the authors of these lists and you then don’t get your fave on a hottest man list. Basically, we just want our favorites to get the love and recognition they deserve and that includes being included on sexy men lists.

So we decided to fix the problem. Well, sort of. We took this list upon ourselves to look at some lesser known names as well as the men you know and love. From Idris Elba to Sam Milby, our list covers men from all kinds of television shows or movies or whatever we decided worked.