Love Actually Plotlines Ranked By Sadness

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David and Natalie

David is the Prime Minister but mostly he’s just Hugh Grant being peak Hugh Grant. He’s sort of a douche, but really, he’s irresistibly charming and it feels like he means well and just wants to be loved despite his inability to be open. Enter Natalie, a new member of his staff, who can do nothing but be open, often to the detriment of any level of tact she had been trying to uphold. The two of them immediately spark when she accidentally curses in front of him several times during their first meeting. They flirt lightly, and her sweet, bubbly charisma draws David in. Unfortunately, it also draws in the President of the United States on his visit; David catches the President whispering (unwanted!!!!!) sweet nothings into Natalie’s ear. David, unable to set his feelings for her aside, has her moved to a new position. But because the magic of Christmas always prevails, he soon receives a holiday card from her, in which she tells him that she is his. Cry.

He rushes out to his towncar, remembering that she lives in the dodgy end of town but never having learned at what number, and knocks on all the doors on the street until he gets to her. Her family is utterly wacky, and fairly unimpressed that the Prime Minister has come to sweep their daughter away, as they’re preoccupied with the Christmas pageant they’re on their way to. David escorts Natalie to the pageant, where the two finally share a magical, would-be covert Christmas kiss….until the curtain opens on them and they’re unintentionally outed. Weird but ultimately great leadership skills,, Prime Minister! I am crying about it!!!!