Kitchen Geek Gifts For The Winter Holidays

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Kitchen laboratory and Candy chemistry set (Screencaps via Scientifics Direct)

Math and Science Kitchen Geek Gifts

Math and science go hand-in-hand with cooking. They’re natural themes for kitchen geek gifts.

Your baker friend’s pies will be mathematically perfect circles in this Pi Dish. Buy this mathematician’s cutting board with etched grid lines for that detail-oriented cook who’s trying to perfect those knife cut skills.

For fans of hot drinks and mathematical precision, choose from golden ratio teapots with circle and square designs.

Star gazers will love this gorgeous antique celestial map porcelain plate. And patent drawings are so retro-pretty. I just love these dish towels with patent drawings of kitchen tools. They’re perfect for my brother, who’s an engineer and patent lawyer.

Mathematicians cutting board and vintage microscope cutting board (Screencaps via and Zazzle)

This vintage microscope cutting board is great for biology lovers. So are these brain specimen coasters, which you also may want to get for your med student cousin.

Then we have more science kitchen science gifts from Scientifics Online. They sell a real food calorimiter, for those of your friends working on cookbooks. Kids of all ages can have hours of educational fun with this Clifford kitchen science kit, “Discover the science of food” kitchen laboratory, or this sweet candy chemistry set. Much more productive than playing Candy Crush. For the DIYers, this brew your own root beer kit comes with real yeast for authentic home-style flavor.

The NASA Space Shop sells cool kitchen gifts. First off, these ceramic Kennedy Space Center astronaut and shuttle salt and pepper shakers are soooo cuuuute. I don’t really know what kind of recipes are in here, but I’m sure that all the cook who are practicing to join the Mars Mission, will enjoy studying the Cooking for the Astronauts Cookbook (“for an uplifting experience”). And help them keep those space suits clean with a NASA apron. Choose from “I Need My Space” in white, “Be Greater Than Average” in royal blue, and “Failure is not an option” in red. Pair it with some red “Failure Is Not An Option” dish towels. Failure is not an option in the kitchen!