17 Non-Profit Organizations That Need Your Support in 2017

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Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the country’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization. Since 1992, CAIR has been dedicated to promoting a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America.

CAIR is opposed to terrorism and condemns any individual or group domestic or overseas (ISIL) that participates in terrorist activities.

"“CAIR issued more than 100 releases in which we specifically condemn terrorism during the period from 1994-2015. The organization’s formula on terrorism is simple and comprehensive: CAIR condemns terrorism whenever it happens, wherever it happens, whoever commits it.”"

CAIR is working hard to be an advocate for American Muslim people and protect them from discrimination, hate crimes and defamation.

"“Through media relations, lobbying, education and advocacy, CAIR works to make sure a Muslim voice is represented. Through our work, CAIR seeks to empower American Muslims and encourage their participation in political and social activism.”"

With the threat of a ban on Muslim people entering the country, instances of hate have risen dramatically. CAIR hopes to end Islamophobia by educating the public about Islam, completing research, collecting data and presenting their findings.

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