17 Non-Profit Organizations That Need Your Support in 2017

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Border Angels

This non-profit relies solely on caring volunteers who advocate for immigration reform and social justice focusing on the U.S.-Mexico border. Border Angels offers awareness and educational programs.

Every Tuesday, Border Angels offers free legal assistance to San Diego County’s migrant population. They also offer programs like Day Laborer outreach.

and migrant outreach programs to San Diego County’s immigrant population.

"Border Angels’ mission is to reduce the number of fatalities occurring along the Californian border through the placement of life saving water stations in the desert."

Border Angels leads guided trips to the dessert to deliver water to migrant workers crossing the border. Participants will also learn about the history of US-Mexico border policy and experience the border fence firsthand.

"Border Angels works to dispel the various myths surrounding immigration in the United States and to bring back truth and justice."

During the winter months, volunteers collect winter clothing, water, and food to be stored in bins located in the San Diego county mountain areas. This action is to decrease any negative health conditions due to the freeing cold temperatures.

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