10 Ways to Binge Watch Christmas Movies This Season

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The only other thing that comes to mind when I’m randomly thinking about December in the middle of the summer is “Fa La La La Lifetime.” To be honest, I don’t even know if they call it that anymore but I do… If you’re looking for movies that are equally as heartwarming and corny as Hallmark, look no further! You can find their full schedule here. Through the month of December, they still play other things though so eventually, you may have to switch back to Hallmark to get the festive-ness going.

It’s a fact that most Christmas movies are corny as hell. Right? And I absolutely think Hallmark takes home the gold for corny Christmas movies. Lifetime on the other hand takes home the gold for “soap-opera feel.” Pick your festive poison! Add some eggnog. Call it a day.