Holiday Gifts for the Cook or Baker (Or For Your Own Kitchen)

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Ceramic glazed cookie jars by FattyFrogPots on Etsy (Screencap via FattyFrogPots on Etsy)

Cookie Jars

Cookie jars keep cookies fresh, and make cookies even more tempting. And there’s a cookie jar for every taste. Buy more than one if you know a multiple batch baker!

Etsy has quite a few shops selling handmade cookie jars. Some of the jars are actually just hand-painted or etched ceramic or glass, but they would make lovely personalized gifts. EtchedbyGrace, LazerGirlz, and CarversRidge all have nice etched glass jars.

Forever2Cherish sells a white ceramic cookie jar with black personalized monogram, and KaysChristmasDecor does hand-painted ceramics with (you guessed it!) Christmas themes, like this cute jar.

If you’re looking for totally hand-made ceramic and pottery cookie jars, Etsy has those, too. FattyFrogPots offers custom-order, hand-made, customizable ceramic glazed cookie jars in five color combinations (pictured above). FreshPottery makes and sells dark stoneware cookie jars with a rustic matte white glaze. These are just a couple examples. You could spend all day looking through all of them. Darshanpottery alone has 91 different jars, all glazed in vivid, stunning colors.

Who put the cookie in the cookie jar? Your friends will, after you buy them one for the holidays!