10 Holiday Gifts for the Booklover

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Signed copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Image courtesy of C. Wassenaar / private collection.

1. A Signed Book

With the advent of the Internet, signed books are easier to come by than they used to be, and it’s pretty great to get a copy signed by the author as a gift. It could easily be a crown jewel in a bibliophile’s collection, actually.

So where can you buy a signed book? Barnes & Noble now has a special section for signed books on its website, and you could easily find one in a brick-and-mortar store. The Strand in New York City also sells signed books.

Additionally, stores like Porter Square Books can also call in local authors to sign a book for your recipient and then ship it off to you. If you like, you can follow a favorite author to see if they’re doing a special book signing for an independent store that will take orders online. These books may cost a little more, especially if you get the option to customize the signing.

However, that extra touch of personalization could make the recipient feel even more special to receive the signed book.

If you decide to purchase from an independent bookstore, it’s also a great way to support a small business this holiday season.

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Although there are just a few weeks left until Christmas and Hanukkah, you still have plenty of time to pick up these gifts. Your booklover will thank you!

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