18 Memorable Moments From Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Holly Watches Paul and 2E from the Window

Paul’s decorator friend comes to the apartment as Holly is leaving for Sing Sing. We learn very little about her until the end of the movie. But in this scene, their relationship is pretty clearly displayed for the audience to understand. 2E is definitely more than just his decorator.

The two were in Rome together before she came back and fixed up the apartment for him. In this scene, Holly is trying to escape a drunk man in her apartment and she goes up to Paul’s apartment. As she is sitting on the fire escape, she sees 2E coming out of the bathroom with a naked Paul asleep in his bed.

Because the movie was made at a time where calling out their relationship wasn’t allowed in movies, you have to just assume that Paul is selling his body to 2E for cash. Well, it is pretty clear as she kisses him and then leaves him 300 dollars on his desk.

Holly hides until she makes sure that 2E has left the apartment before coming inside and waking up Paul but it is that little kiss and the leaving of money that tells us a lot about the relationship between Paul and 2E.