18 Memorable Moments From Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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The First Time Paul and Holly Sleep Together

To be fair, it took me seeing the movie as an adult to realize what happened. I don’t know what I thought the ending of the movie was before I watched this recently but I definitely didn’t know that Holly and Paul slept together after they stole the masks.

Maybe it is because the movie was made in 1961 but a lot of the film is subtext. You’re supposed to know that Holly sells herself (essentially) to make money and that Paul pretty much does the same. But when the two come back from their day out, they kiss in the entry way of their building and go up to Paul’s apartment and have sex.

It is important because there is nothing that they are gaining from one another. There is no money involved and it is not bettering either of them the way their exploits normally do. It is because they are falling in love with each other and are attracted to one another.

The fact that I didn’t know they slept together (to be fair I watch this to fall asleep because it is my favorite movie. So I haven’t seen the whole movie in probably five years until I saw it in theaters) brings up a good question. What did I think made Paul so upset when she ignored him in the library?