18 Memorable Moments From Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Paul Apologies to Holly

After Holly kicks Paul out of her apartment, he comes back to apologize to her. Whether or not it was all entirely his fault is debatable but he is the bigger person continually in their relationship. Throughout the movie, any time they get in a fight, Paul is usually the one who comes crawling back to Holly.

She does admit she was wrong when she left his room but her ‘apology’ is a gift and an invitation to her party. She never tells him she’s sorry in person. It is only through a letter left in his mailbox.

It really shows the balance in their friendship and future relationship. She kind of admits wrong doing when Paul is the one to mend things. Even in the end of the movie, Paul pleads and fights with her and when he finally gives up, that’s when Holly comes back to him. She never apologizes, just joins him in looking for Cat.

Though the scene is short and more about their future plans, it is very telling of how the two of them deal with one another. They are slowly learning how each other functions and how their relationship is going to balance and it is an important moment for the two of them.