15 Times Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Gave Us All the Feels

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12. Emily Calls BS

Emily has gone through a lot in A Year in the Life. She is a grieving widow, trying to figure out her place without her husband by her side. Much of the series is her mourning the loss and trying to move on with her life. However, Richard’s death in some ways is a good thing for Emily because it gives her freedom and independence as well as clarity. She realizes that she has had enough of pretending and wants only a life that will bring her joy.

This leads to a confrontation between Emily and the members of the DAR. These women are people she once considered friends. Richard’s death has helped her see that certain things she once cared about don’t matter any more. When vetting a new member for the organization, Emily decides the proceedings are, “bullsh*t” and calls out the other women for their petty ways.

This moment is Emily at her best. She’s back. It’s such an unexpected and laugh out loud moment that fills your heart with joy because Emily is just so happy telling off those stuffy women. For too long Emily has had to play the perfect wife and host and woman of society. She is finally breaking free and it feels so good, for her and for us.