Poldark Season 2: 10 Changes from the Books to the Small Screen

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The Stocking Scene

Who knew that putting new silk stockings on could be so ludicrously sexy? Not Winston Graham. In Warleggan, the stocking scene does not actually involve stockings at all. Instead, it involves garters, which are almost as sexy, right?

Anyway, Ross returns to Nampara with news that someone else has bought his debt from the Warleggans as well as a sack of goodies. John and Jane get new pairs of stockings; Jeremy gets gloves and a hat; Demelza gets a new brush and a comb, which she declares extravagant, and then Ross hands over some, and we quote here, “very fancy” garters.

Demelza cries because Ross has paid enough attention to know she needs some garters. After she and Jeremy both calm down, she dodges Ross’ first attempt to get them on her by making sure that Jeremy gets to try his new things on first.

Then, however, her husband gets his way and puts the garters on. They call each other ‘my love,’ Ross says she won’t be rid of him, and this would be the perfect place to cut away.

Graham then adds that Jeremy sits down in the corner and starts pulling off his gloves like any small child would do.

Moment, meet buzzkill. We prefer to skip over that sentence.