The Top Romances of 2016 You Should Not Miss

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PERV by Dakota Gray

THIS BOOK. Holy crap, this book. I went into this one with trepidation, worried it would be about an asshole alpha playboy and the woman who falls for his crap. And it is! But it’s also about love and loss; infatuation and kink; and doing the thing you promised yourself you never would, and being the better for it. Nate is, to keep things simple, a guy who loves going downtown on women. Really, really loves it. He is a master at it, and also at dropping women as soon as they start getting attached; attachment isn’t his bag. He is always upfront about this, though, and the arrangement seems to work well for everyone.

Then along comes Robyn, who knows who Nate is, knows his M.O., and is the first woman who won’t give him what he wants. Nate hurt someone she loves in the past, though she won’t say who, and she’s determined to make him pay. What starts out as her desire for revenge and his infatuation turns into something that has them both in too deep. This book had me, in no particular order: blushing, laughing out loud, and crying. Nate’s strong and unique voice grabs you and doesn’t let go, and you’ll love and root for him and Robyn.

Bonus: this book is told from Nate’s perspective, but FILTH, which is the same story but from Robyn’s perspective, just came out.