30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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29. He has a Brother That Can See into the Future

While Bran Stark is technically Jon’s cousin, they still see each other as brothers. But what is most important about the whole thing is that Jon has a brother who can see the future. While a very cool thing on its own, it is extremely helpful to someone who is planning on ruling all of Westeros.

Bran could help him see what was coming and make sure they’re as prepared as they could be. No one else really has that on their side. Just Jon. Again, it just makes Jon that much more qualified to take over the Iron Throne.

If Bran comes to aid Jon, it wouldn’t only be the Starks all together once more, but it would also mean that he could tell Jon about anything threat coming to them. They could strategize or even leave if they had to but at least they’d have some kind of intel.

Bran would be so valuable to everyone, especially his brother, and it would work out extremely well for them both. If we all had brothers who could see into the future, we would all be filthy rich and also leading countries. So why wouldn’t Jon use his brother to his advantage?