30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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19. He’d Rule an Egalitarian World

Much like the discussion of Jon Snow being a feminist, Jon would rule an egalitarian society. The Night’s Watch is pretty much egalitarian (except, of course, if you’re a woman) but that mindset would definitely have bled into Jon’s way of thinking.

An egalitarian society means that everyone is seen as an equal. While that might not work out well with a governing body, it would help Jon see everyone as an equal in his eyes rather than people that were beneath him. It would help him be a better ruler rather than making see it as his domain to rule.

The problem with Westeros is that people want to rule to have absolute power. They want the joys of leadership but would not necessarily know how to rule once given the power. Jon has the skills to lead and would do so with a great head on his shoulders.

He sees what worked with the Night’s Watch and what didn’t and he would apply that to his rule and make him a smarter man to have on the throne. Jon Snow wouldn’t lead with an iron fist but would rather be a great ruler and he should have throne just because of that.