A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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Photo: Etsy/ChristmasFromMaine

Don’t even pretend a Golden Girls-themed Lego set isn’t the stuff of dreams and fantasies are made of. Those wigs. Those expressions. Everything about this is perfect in every way and I feel compelled to  shout, “Shut up, and take my money.”

If you know a Golden Girls fan who likes to take a more practical approach to their devotion, this Lego set is just the thing. Instead of just admiring these lovely ladies from far, your loved one can assemble their own Golden Girls plot lines. Picture it: Christmas morning, 2016, and you and your loved are sitting on the floor, pretending you’re in Miami in the late ’80s. What could be more fun and creative than playing Golden Girls with the people you love?

The price may seem a little steep, but these handmade Lego figurines are practically one of a kind. You can put them in your will and hand them down from generation to generation. They practically pay for themselves. And besides, you can’t put a price on an invitation to come “play Golden Girls” with someone you adore. Just make sure you always call “dibs” on Blanche.

Lego Golden Girls – $89.99