10 Celebrities Who Need To Run For President As Democrats

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Lynda Carter as POTUS on The CW’s Supergirl (Screencap via The CW)

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter is an American Icon. She’s most well known for her role as Wonder Woman in the 70s, and to many of us, she’s what Wonder Woman will always look like. Her latest part is playing the President on CW’s Supergirl, and boy does she look the part.

Ms. Carter has been heavily invested in the Democratic party for decades. She said “My husband and I have known the Clintons since 1983 or ’84. We’re family friends. Hillary has never changed, she has always been the smartest person in the room,”

She has taken to Twitter in the last few years, and is very vocal about her politics, as shown in these choice, recent tweets

She’s currently touring to support her album Crazy Little Things (yes, she sings, too), which should be good preparation for life on the campaign trail.

Full Name: Linda Jean Córdova Carter

Date of Birth: July 24, 1951

Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ

Height: 5’9”

Education and Experience:

  • Attended Arizona State University.
  • Active supporter of women’s and LGBT rights. Appeared in multiple Pride Parades


"I was a feminist just by nature, before I knew what a feminist was I was a feminist."

"Every gay reader understands the secret self that is full and wonderful and has longing and tenderness and a desire for connection to other people. I think that arguments against gay marriage are just ridiculous! Who cares? People want to get married for the same reason I wanted to get married. They want to do it in front of their friends and family"

"The first thing you hear when you travel is people asking you, ‘has America lost its mind?’” Carter said. “I understand that people want change, but change just for change sake isn’t a good thing. You don’t hire the snake oil salesman to run your company."

"Why people begrudge them any money they can make [I don’t know],” said Carter. “If they’re not in public office – so what! Go after the big golden parachutes that corporations get. All the rest of it is just nonsense."

"The women who are in Congress are the ones that float my boat."