10 Celebrities Who Need To Run For President As Democrats

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Lynda Carter as POTUS on The CW’s Supergirl (Screencap via The CW)

America must elect a Democrat as president in 2020 to save Western civilization. Here is a list of liberal celebrities the party should recruit to run.

We learned a few things about America from this year’s presidential election. The biggest lesson is that you don’t need political experience to run for president. If anything, it works against you. Another thing we learned is that Democrats need to strive extra hard to find a candidate who can win by an overwhelming margin in 2020. We need to take our country back to keep it moving forward.

Here’s the thing: America loves celebrities. We tend to like most of them intrinsically, even without knowing anything about them. We pin our hopes and dreams on famous people. That is what we see as success, so Americans admire celebrities more than politicians, lawyers, and pretty much everyone else. Charisma and fame go a long way.

America also loves tall people. Historically, the only completely reliable metric for election to the highest office in America is height. The tallest man always wins. You can go back and check. It’s true!

I compiled a list of (mostly) tall celebrities with liberal tendencies who the Democrats should recruit to run for President in 2020. Some of them have already expressed interest in running for office.

I would also like to invite these celebrity candidates, and anyone who didn’t make it onto this brief list, to run for Congress or the Senate. We need those down-ticket races, too, because the President can’t fix everything my his or herself.

A couple notes on people I didn’t include: Gina Torres and The Rock. I love Ms. Torres, but I could find nothing about her political leanings. And to my sadness, Dwayne Johnson, who has talked about going into politics is a Republican. Although if elected, his social views would make him a much better politician than the current Grand Old Party.

Encourage famous liberals to run for office. If the GOP keeps winning that way, we should too!