25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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The Office

The thing about The Office is that its politics are more focused on pop culture. While there really isn’t a huge political tie, there are still references throughout the show and it is clear that the writers knew a lot about politics in general. In fact, we know that the writers like politics because they went on to write Parks and Recreation.

In The Office, the references are more for comedic effect. For example, Stanley starts to have a heart attack after Dwight Schrute scares everyone into realizing that they don’t know much about fire safety. As Stanley is on the ground, Michael Scott is screaming at him to wake up because Barack Obama is president and that we have a black president.

There are a few other references throughout the series but it is more just little nuances than straight up calling out on political sides or making a direct connection. Still though, politics play their part on the show and, even if you want to escape it, you can’t really.

So while The Office is mainly a safe show to watch if you want to avoid any politics in your television shows, you still will get a few jokes because you can’t escape it. No matter how hard you try.