25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) in Scandal, Screencap via ABC


A political drama about Shonda Rhimes, Scandal has become one of Rhimes’s best shows on television currently. And it is just filled to the brim with political jargon and figures everything about it screams politics.

And if something screams its name, that’s probably its name. Or whatever that phrase is. Nonetheless, Scandal is very much about politics and makes it so that fans can never question whether or not politics play a part in the show. Of course they do.

Olivia Pope (who is loosely based on Judy Smith) is a crisis manager for the United States.

She also has scandals all her own. From presidential affairs to being behind big upsets, Olivia Pope is exactly what a lot of people don’t trust about Washington. She covers up so much and makes it seem as if everything is under control and we can clearly see that that is not the case.

So yes, politics are everything when it comes to Scandal. So if someone tries to tell you that it doesn’t all revolve around politics, you can politely explain just how wrong they are. The show literally follows Olivia and her team throughout all of Washington covering things up.

What in that description tells you that it isn’t necessarily a political television show? Nothing, that’s what. That show is made so we can get our fill of a spin doctor and see what Olivia does best. In case if wasn’t clear what Olivia Pope does best, that’s politics.