Here Are 15 Reasons Why Leslie Knope Is Amazing

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11. Her Willingness to Stay Up All Night to do What She Needs to

Time and time again, Parks and Recreation has shown us that Leslie Knope will sleep for only four hours and even that is too much for her. Maybe it is because she is constantly hopped up on whipped cream but whatever the case, she does not stop even to rest.

While we didn’t get to see it, it is fun to think about what Leslie would have been like pregnant. Just imagine a very pregnant Leslie Knope trying to stay up all night and do her work. Ben Wyatt would lose his mind.

But to achieve everything she does, Leslie has to stay up all hours of the night. She gives so much into everything she works on that if she got 8 hours of sleep, it’d be unbelievable. Leslie couldn’t have all those binders done for every special occasion if she slept.

But her lack of willingness to sleep helps show just how much Leslie cares about everything and everyone. She works day in and day out to make the world a better place and if Leslie doesn’t sleep, maybe we should all learn from her. Well, maybe not the not sleeping part but working as hard as possible to get things done is a great lesson.