Here Are 15 Reasons Why Leslie Knope Is Amazing

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Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) in Parks and Recreation, Screencap via NBC

Leslie Knope is an inspiration to a lot of us out there but no one has really talked about why. Here are 15 reasons why Leslie Knope is amazing.

Leslie Knope is a rare television gem. There are just so many things about her that makes her absolutely amazing and an inspiration to girls everywhere. With Parks and Recreation, Pawnee is a place where someone like Leslie shouldn’t really exist.

Pawnee, Indiana is a city filled with people who only think about themselves and are not the smartest in the world. The citizens of this weird little town make Leslie’s life so difficult. But somehow, through it all, Leslie stays extremely positive. She works towards her goals and loves her town, despite their hatred of her.

Leslie works endlessly to make the lives of those around her better and it is truly something to be admired. She doesn’t let anyone beat her down and does anything and everything for Pawnee. Even if they recall her from city council and make every step of her life difficult.

So we’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons why Leslie Knope is amazing. Despite what the people of Pawnee, Indiana think, Leslie is truly something special and her positivity and energy is something that everyone can admire. That and she is just so amazingly awesome in everything she does so everyone should be inspired by her.