Geeky Gift Guide: What To Get Every Geek on Your List!

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Image via Adagio Tea

Adagio Fandom Teas

For: The book geek

Price: $24 for 1 5 oz tin or a sample set with 6 different 0.5 oz tins

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get the book lover in your life especially if they own a lot of books already. (Not that you can’t always have more books, but sometimes it’s hard to know just what someone else will like.) So what better present to get for the reader in your life than tea? It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cold winter’s day and a new novel.

Adagio Teas is extra special because they take it a step further. They have created fandom blends of tea. Everyone from Rose Tyler from Doctor Who to Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Amethyst from Steven Universe has their own flavor. And each blend is uniquely created to reflect the character it represents like the Neville Longbottom inspired tea called “Late Bloomer” which is described as, “Sweet, a bit befuddled, but all together warm and reassuring. A tea stronger than you’d expect, and endlessly comforting.” Yes please.

Tea makes for a surprising, but fun gift because it isn’t something someone would normally go out of the way to buy for themselves. You can even get a sample set so the recipient can get to try a variety of different kinds. Pinkies up!

They’ll Love It If: they have a tumblr dedicated to their fandom; they always have a book with them; they don’t drink coffee and live somewhere cold

Buy It Here: Adagio Fandom Teas