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 Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

For: The Marvel geek

Price: $15.43

These days, it’s pretty safe to say that a good portion of the population are Marvel fans. With the films, TV shows, and comics more popular than ever there is no escaping (and really why would you want to)? And now that the films are in phase four, more and more characters that may be unfamiliar to the casual fan are getting their own movies.

Enter Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. Written by Marvel video host Lorraine Cink, comic writer and illustrator John Sazaklis, author Adam Bray, and Sven Wilson it is exactly what it says: a complete guide to everything about Marvel Universe that you may or may not know. A fan of Doctor Strange after his film or want to know more about some of the Marvel villains? They are all here along with favorites like Captain America, Daredevil, and Spider-Man. The book also features beautiful illustrations which means it could also make for a pretty unique coffee table book.

Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know makes the perfect gift for Marvel fans of all kinds. The colorful pictures and fun facts make it perfect for a curious kid who wants to get more into superheroes. The history of the characters and how they’ve changed over the years makes it a good geeky gift for old school Marvel fans who want to learn more about what the characters are like today. Even scholars will enjoy this book with it’s look at the science behind some of the characters’ superpowers.

They’ll Love It If: they crush everyone at bar trivia; they’ve read the comics before seeing the movies; if they are interested in history and like impressing you with their random knowledge

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