19 People In The TV Industry The LGBTQ Community is Thankful For

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4. Jordan Hall and Ellen Simpson

Jordan Hall (co-creator and writer) and Ellen Simpson (series story editor and transmedia writer) are part of the passion behind “the little web series that could.” Also known as Carmilla, the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu gothic novella turned lesbian adored fan favorite. This series is truly filling a genre gap on television where the topic of sexuality is tinted by strong characters and even stronger story lines.

It follows Laura’s (Elise Bauman) quest to uncover the supernatural secrets her university is hiding. Add in broody vampire Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis), and you’ve got yourself a true to form love story that any girl (or boy) can obsess over.

As much as Negovanlis and Bauman have given to this series, Hall and Simpson are two of the faces behind it all- creating Laura and Carmilla’s personality so intricately, and their story so natural.

The series had three successful seasons and it was a tearful goodbye for creampuffs across the world. But little did we know, it wasn’t over quite yet. At New York Comic Con of this year, they revealed that the series was becoming a movie!