Fantastic Beasts Characters that Should Get Their Own Movie


One thing J.K. Rowling excels at is crafting multi-faceted characters, which allows the fandom to stretch on for miles and miles. Which Fantastic Beasts characters are deserving of their own spin-off movies?

We’ve got four more movies to go in the Fantastic Beasts universe, so there’s plenty of time for more character development. We met some very interesting people in the first film, but who has enough star power to carry their own movies? We have a few thoughts about that.

1. President Seraphina Picquery

Image via Warner Brothers Pictures

She’s beautiful, stoic, and the most powerful witch in America. Not too much is known about Seraphina Picquery, but we think a movie could develop her backstory more (she was born in Savannah, Georgia) and allow us to see her rise to the most powerful office in America.

According to J.K. Rowling via Pottermore, her wand was crafted by controversial wizard Violetta Beauvais. So there may be some undertones of dark magic associated with Madame President, though we hope none of that actually made its way into her presidential tenure. She also allowed wizards to drink alcohol in a time of widespread Prohibition. Cheers to that.

2. Gnarlack

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

Maybe it’s just us, but the idea of exploring the seedy underbelly of the wizarding world has its appeal. That’s where Gnarlack fits in perfectly. Sure, he’s a jerk who totally screwed over Newt and Tina, but he seems like an interesting character nonetheless. He’s a goblin who owns a speakeasy. How did that happen? He also carries two wands, which is unusual in and of itself. Goblins aren’t known for their wand skills, so what else is he hiding?

Plus, he’s played by Ron Perlman. We all could use some more Ron Perlman in our lives.

3. Gellert Grindelwald

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

To be honest, this screengrab sort of looks like the tail end of a buddy comedy, where both bros laugh about all the misfires they endured in their adventures. But that’s neither here nor there. Any wizard who can give someone like Voldemort a chill up his spine deserves his own movie.

Gellert Grindelwald would be the perfect subject to tackle some of the darker themes in Harry Potter. Capturing the power struggle between him and one-time friend Dumbledore would certainly be interesting. Also, let’s not forget about their three-hour legendary duel, where Dumbledore ultimately ended up with the Elder Wand. Seeing that play out on screen would allow for a stunning ‘fall from grace’ moment for Grindelwald. We’re totally fine seeing good triumph over evil one more time.

4. The Barebone Crew

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

Calling them creepy is an understatement. The Barebones’ family dynamic is such that they could have their own Osbournes-esque reality show if they just lightened up a bit. Putting a happier spin on this dysfunctional group would be fun. How awesome would it be to see the children all practicing magic behind Mary Lou’s back? They could get so advanced with their honed magical skills, they’d be able to pull of Weasley-levels of whimsy.

But if we don’t want to take things into a comedy realm, a Barebone movie could highlight the realities of an abusive household, and what happens when strict religious beliefs are imposed on vulnerable children. Sorry to be such a downer.

5. The Niffler

GIF image via Warner Brothers

Duh. This fuzzy little fantastic beast was a joy to watch on screen, and provided some much-needed comic relief. We want to see even more of this little bundle of kleptomania going forward. Niffler families are quite large, up to eight in a litter. We wouldn’t mind seeing a version of Meerkat Manor featuring these guys. The Niffler’s Nest.

Or just imagine him teaming up with Pickett the Bowtruckle. They could have their own little animated adventure after getting separated from Newt (again), where they’d have to work together to find their way back into the suitcase. They’d be an unstoppable, adorable duo and this is one we’ll actively be hoping for.

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These are only our suggestions and there’s a ton more characters in the Potterverse. Which characters do you want to see get their own movie? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! And catch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters now.