The Definitive Ranking of Every Friends Thanksgiving Episode

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Friends, “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs,” Screencap via Warner Bros.

9.  The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs

It’s another Thanksgiving at Monica’s. Rachel invites her assistant, Tag, over for the holiday. When he tells her that he and his girlfriend broke up recently, she has to confront her attraction to him and decide if it’s appropriate to try to start a relationship with him. Phoebe has been staying with Monica and Chandler after a fire at her apartment. The friends learn that she’s been secretly keeping a dog named Clunkers in her room. Monica realizes that Chandler must not be allergic to dogs as he claimed, and he admits that he isn’t – he just doesn’t like them. Meanwhile, Ross spends the whole day attempting to remember all 50 states with no aid.

Sneakily Feminist Quote:

Joey: No one ever listens to me. When the package is this pretty, no one ever cares what’s inside.

Political Correction: Rachel starting a relationship with her direct inferior, Tag. Rachel has been debating for a few episodes whether it’s morally right to try to sleep with/begin a relationship with Tag, her assistant. Um, no, Rachel. No, it’s not. Besides being against company policy, any relationship where there’s already an inherent power dynamic can get real bad real fast. Of course, this doesn’t stop Rachel Green.

Best Moment: Chandler trying to bring Clunkers back over. In an attempt to hide the fact that Monica and Phoebe brought the dog back to Phoebe’s room, the friends tell Chandler that he can’t go in there because Monica is crying about having to send the dog away. In the hopes of making Monica happy, Chandler goes to Ross’s to try to bring the dog back over, despite his long-held dislike of dogs. This personal sacrifice makes the episode. Also, the fact that the dog is named Clunkers.

Ranking: 9/10. This is a pretty net-zero episode – it’s basically funny and all, but nothing really important happens.