21 Shows To Watch While You’re Recovering From A Food Coma

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11. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers isn’t your typical Sunday evening animated show. The programming block that was once dominated by more crude cartoons such as Family Guy and American Dad is slowly becoming a little more gentle, though no less funny.

This show follows the Belcher family, consisting of married couple Bob and Linda, and their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise. Together, they run a struggling burger restaurant – the titular Bob’s Burgers – and try to navigate everyday life in their small seaside town. They’re joined by a wide cast of supporting characters, including next-door neighbor Mort (a mortician, naturally), rival restaurateur Jimmy Pesto, inept handyman Teddy, and their eccentric landloard, Mr. Fischoeder (played by Kevin Kline).

The kids themselves enjoy their own storylines quite often. Tina, the socially awkward oldest daughter, often indulges in a preteen obsession with boys, along with her remaining girlhood interests in horses and zombies. Gene is a budding musical genius who constantly carries around a keyboard. Louise, the youngest daughter (played by Kristen Schaal), is the volatile id of the family who always wears a characteristic pink hat with bunny ears.

While Bob’s Burgers doesn’t shy away from making fun of its weird, bumbling characters, it ultimately does so from a place of great affection. While the Belchers may bicker or cause trouble (at one point, another character calls them “the family from hell”), they are still an affectionate, functional family. As strange as they may be, it’s affirming to watch them all get along at the end of the day.

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