21 Shows To Watch While You’re Recovering From A Food Coma

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Jane the Virgin, Promotional Image, Credit: The CW

13. Jane the Virgin

In keeping with the positivity theme, consider watching Jane the Virgin. Despite what you may first think about the title, this show is a smart, funny exploration of what it means to be a Latina woman in modern America. It also takes plenty of twisty-turny cues from telenovelas, so it’s sure to satisfy your need for intrigue and drama along with laughter.

Purity-focused Jane lives with her mother and grandmother. She’s an acknowledged good girl who’s working hard to get in school and become a successful adult. However, after a somewhat complicated mishap involving a well-woman annual exam, her gynecologist accidentally confuses Jane with another patient who’s in for artificial insemination. Smart, hard-working, virginal Jane ends up pregnant.

Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane, is so good at her job that she started receiving awards, including a Golden Globe, before the first season was even finished. Jane’s mother, Xiomara, is also fascinating. She’s like a reverse image of her daughter. Where Jane is studious and reserved, Xiomara is flashy and wants to be a professional singer and dancer.

There’s also plenty of love triangles, intrigue, double-crossing, and the occasional talking object. Despite all the drama, Jane herself remains smart (not to mention well-written) and true to her values.

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