21 Shows To Watch While You’re Recovering From A Food Coma

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Need to recover from your Thanksgiving food coma? Plop down on your couch and watch these shows while you’re digesting.

BOB’S BURGERS: The Belchers take sides as they are forced to decide whether memories are enough to keep their family sofa in the “Sacred Couch” episode of Bob’s Burgers (Image via FOX)

If you’re anything like most Americans, you’ll be recovering from some major indulgence come Thanksgiving day. All of those delicious carbs and tryptophan-loaded pieces of turkey are likely to put you into a state called a “food coma”.

Now, some of you may be helpless to fend off sleep and will end up dozing in a chair or on the couch. That’s fine. Some of you may even succumb to football fever and watch that while wearing bright colors and shouting loudly. That’s also fine, though I’ll admit that I, a full-grown adult, still don’t totally understand the how or why of American football.

However, those two categories don’t cover everyone. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be full of food, unwilling to move, but not quite able to sleep in the middle of the day. What’s a slothful person to do then?

Well, I’ve got you covered. Assuming you have internet access and a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or have the password of someone with these services, you’re set. For now is the time to binge watch that show everyone’s been telling you to watch.

I specifically picked a variety of shows across platforms, and even a couple you might be able to catch without them. They range across nearly all genres, from fiction to nonfiction, from horror to comedy. Hopefully, you’ll find something suited to your tastes before an overindulgence of food makes it too difficult to think.

I also looked for shows that require a certain amount of sitting still, but don’t necessarily need a ton of your attention. At the very least, if you fall asleep, you’ll be able to backtrack and rewatch them pretty easily.

The shows included here are streaming on one or multiple platforms online, so you shouldn’t need a cable subscription to see any of them. However, I’m working from a U.S. perspective, so those of you who are streaming shows from other markets may need to do a little digging. That said, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find most of these, as long as you have access to some sort of streaming service.

Unlike other lists, this one won’t contain any spoilers. What’s the fun of sitting and watching most of these if I ruin the ending, anyway? Read on to find your top pick for shows to watch while wrapped up in your impending food coma.