22 Family Movies Not To Watch With Your Family On Thanksgiving

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The Savages

Nothing is quite as simultaneously absurd and depressing as watching two grownup siblings argue, unless maybe it’s watching them argue over what to do with their dying father. In this dramedy, Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman play brother and sister, both writers, both intelligent, and both extreme narcissists, who find themselves faced with the task of dealing with their estranged father in his last months. And they’re very, very bad at it. Of course, because of the aforementioned narcissism, they try to do what is easiest, then what is cheapest, until finally taking into consideration what is actually the best option. Their father, suffering with dementia, is rapidly declining, which doesn’t exactly help with their decision. They’re swell people.

Despite how monstrous their behavior may be at times, they’re still interesting to watch, and pretty entertaining. This movie, though morbid at times, is really funny because sometimes that’s the only way to deal with things as final and unconscionable as death. The Savage siblings will force you to consider your relationship with your parents, and though it seems impossible, to start to face the reality that you might one day be in their position. This movie also makes you think a lot about all of your relationships, which ones are worth it, and whether you’re functioning within them in a healthy way or just hoping they last another day so you won’t have to be alone. All real fun stuff, and all jam-packed within this little indie hit.

Especially avoid if: You have or have had a parent (or any family member, really) in this situation. It’s not pretty. They don’t sugarcoat the reality of the horror of preparing for and dealing with death in this movie. It’s not all horror, as I said, but the parts that are may not be easy to swallow if you have the misfortune of being able to relate.