25 reasons we love Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

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Lena Headey herself

The sheer number of acting awards that Game of Thrones has earned is a testament to the general quality of its cast. Lena Headey often gets nominated for her work as Cersei Lannister, but she hasn’t won a major award like a Primetime Emmy just yet. She has some time yet, though.

Headey’s acting brings Cersei to life in a way that other actresses probably couldn’t replicate. She brings different shades to the character, playing the vulnerability just as well as the anger and rage.

Also, when Vulture can write a slideshow based on Cersei’s “hate faces,” you know that you have cemented yourself and your character in the minds of millions. By the way, that slideshow probably needs some updating, because Headey has produced some absolute beauties since 2013.

Some of why we love Cersei comes from the writing and directing, to be sure. Some of it is the ability to play off of other actors and actresses. Some of it is definitely the production design. But a good portion of it is also simply a well-cast actress in a complex role. Without Lena Headey’s work, we couldn’t have written this list.

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There you have it: 25 reasons to love Cersei, or at least find her more interesting than you did before. As we finish the series, expect more looks into her psyche as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.