25 reasons we love Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

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The Purple Wedding

Warning: Yes, this includes Joffrey’s entire death scene. That includes the shots of blood coming from his eyes, nose, and mouth. It may not be safe for work.

Although the Red Wedding horrified viewers, the Purple Wedding probably made plenty of people stand up and cheer. Simply put, we couldn’t put together even 10 reasons we like Joffrey Baratheon, other than Jack Gleeson’s skill in making him so easy to hate.

So, Joffrey gets his agonizing death by poison, and Cersei has to watch her child die. Naturally, that doesn’t make her smile. Instead, she cradles him close. In fact, you can hear her panicking and wailing for someone to help him.

As soon as he gestures towards Tyrion, though, her grief fades, to be replaced with sheer resolve. With his dying breath, her son indicated his murderer. (We all know that Tyrion did not actually commit the crime. Cersei doesn’t, and she presumably doesn’t learn it until Olenna Tyrell tells Jaime.)

That means that it is time for the lioness to avenge her dead cub. She doesn’t hesitate to order Tyrion seized before he has the chance to escape.

Sometimes, you need to take action as quickly as possible instead of wallowing in grief. Of course, it probably gave Cersei some cold comfort.