25 reasons we love Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

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Slapping Joffrey

Warning: above video contains adult language, because this is Game of Thrones. Watch with headphones.

While Tyrion’s infamous triple-slap of Joffrey from season 1 happens to be more well-known, there’s something about this little moment from season 2, episode 1 between Cersei and her eldest child.

Cersei does love her children, yes. (As Tyrion tells us later, it’s one of her two redeeming qualities.) However, that doesn’t mean she tolerates certain things from them. That includes lines from Joffrey about Robert’s infidelities. In that moment, it doesn’t matter that he’s the king. Right then, he’s just her son, and he disrespected her. Naturally, she makes him pay for it.

Of course, hitting children is not a good thing, but sometimes, it’s hard to say that Joffrey doesn’t deserve it a little.

Shame he doesn’t make that hilarious noise again.

It also actually reveals a vulnerability of Cersei’s along with a double standard. It hurts her to be reminded of Robert’s illegitimate children, although Joffrey himself is also technically illegitimate. Perhaps that fear fueled the slap.

Notably, the workmen in the throne room stop briefly when she slaps him, but then get back to work. If they intervene, they risk angering either her or the king. Neither is a wise idea.