How to Get Away with Murder: 3 Questions After the Mid-Season Finale


After How to Get Away with Murder revealed the identity of the person under the sheet, more questions emerged. Let’s break down 3 of the biggest.

Note: Did the reveal of who’s dead wipe everything else related to How to Get Away with Murder clean from your brain? That’s why Culturess has a recap ready for you. Spoilers follow.

Whoever picked Wes to die this season on How to Get Away with Murder had a serious roller coaster ride to get through. First, we saw him alive in the flash-forward, which made plenty of viewers (yours truly included) believe he was safe. But, when the mid-season finale arrived, things changed yet again. Guess what? Wes was not safe for the flash-forward that really mattered.

Instead, he has died, and the fire didn’t kill him.

How to Get Away with Murder doesn’t return until early next year. However, it’s never too early to start mulling over where this story could go. We’ve gotten it down to three major questions.

Who killed Wes?

We suspect we’ve just found the central mystery for the back half of Season 3.

Anyway, the likeliest suspects seem to be Bonnie and Frank to our way of thinking. Bonnie has quietly started handling a lot for Annalise over the course of the past season. Wes has started causing trouble once again with the Charles Mahoney case. It’s possible that Nate informed Annalise of Wes’ presence at the police station that fateful day, and Bonnie heard about it.

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In other words, Bonnie may have been told to take care of it, and she did murderously. However, it also seems likely that she would have teamed up with Frank to do it. He has the certain set of skills needed to commit a murder and cover it up, although it didn’t work as effectively as it could have. You’ll recall that the coroner did note that Wes didn’t die in the fire.

In order of likelihood, here’s how we think it shakes out: Bonnie, Frank, Annalise, a drop off, then the rest of the Keating 5 and Oliver, with Asher closest to the bottom.

Where did Wes go after leaving the police station?

The mid-season finale ended with him leaving the police station in the afternoon, and then we know he was found dead late that night and identified early the next morning. That’s a lot of empty time to fill up. The second half of the season could easily cover Wes’ movements in flashbacks.

He could have gone to visit Laurel to try and patch up their fight. Alternatively, he could have gone back to his apartment and start planning to disappear after informing on Annalise. Did he do both and something else besides?

What does the Keating 5 2.0 do now?

Considering Oliver’s appearance at the hospital with the rest of the Keating 5, he probably counts as the new fifth member. All four of the original members left have some serious issues with Annalise, if their little Two Minutes’ Hate session from earlier in the season means anything. So, do they work with her to try and find out who really killed Wes, or do more of them turn traitor in order to expose what she’s done?

Perhaps we’ll see a schism. Some might choose to start working against her while others stay, too afraid of what’ll happen otherwise.

Or, and this feels most likely, Annalise will pull something that convinces them all to come back home, at least to start.

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How to Get Away with Murder returns on January 19.