31 TV Characters Trumps America Needs Right Now

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25. Ofelia Salazar- Fear the Walking Dead

Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason) is another character from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. She comes from immigrant parents and is living in LA at the time the apocalypse hits. Her mother doesn’t speak much English and her father is very set in his ways, still attached to the culture of his home country.

Mason spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the diverse casting behind this series.

Our show specifically takes place in east LA, which is very much a diverse place. It’s like a bowl of colors, for lack of a better word.” She continues, “we need to have more diversity on TV. We need to have everybody represented. It’s small thinking to have just the small group of people represented on TV. I really appreciate that they expand and are able to bring in a lot of cultures, a lot of beliefs, especially when you put it in the mindset of the apocalypse. It really forces people to view themselves and view each other, create families, create bonds that a lot of shows don’t have the ability to do.

This character had tremendous character development in Fear. She went from a quiet, shy, respectful young lady to an apocalyptic lone wolf. Last time we saw Ofelia, she was fighting her way through the desert in an attempt to get back to the US from Mexico, and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens in season 3.