31 TV Characters Trumps America Needs Right Now

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3. Raven Reyes- The 100

Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) is a character on The CW’s The 100. She was introduced during season one but took a main role in season two and has stayed a main character through season three and onto the fourth, which premieres early next year. The 100 is a show about a post-apocalyptic world, where people are now living in space after massive radiation across the planet. A gaggle of 100 delinquents are sent down to Earth to find out if it’s habitable again. Once they get down there, they learn that radiation might not be their only problem, as multiple groups of people have survived all these years and they’re not too keen on guests.

Her smarts are pretty much used to save the day in each season, making her one of the top 3 on this list. Honestly, she’s the MacGyver of show. Not only is she a woman of color on this show, she’s disabled with permanent nerve pain in her leg after being shot. Every season, she’s put through the ringer but every season, she comes out the other side more and more badass.

Morgan understands the importance of playing a character like this:

Raven lets me play at the highest point of my intelligence. That’s the kind of female representation and character I’d like to use, myself, as an instrument to the world. It is a little unfortunate that it’s 2016 and our show is one of the first shows that has the majority as strong female roles. But I’m glad it’s happening now if it’s to happen, finally. I think representation matters so much because once you see it… It’s like Star Wars — once you see Rey and a female character in a powerful position, it suddenly doesn’t seem so weird anymore. It suddenly doesn’t seem out of place.