31 Things We Learned from the Game of Thrones Women

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29. Women need to look out for other women


One of the biggest points of contention in Shae and Tyrion’s relationship is his social status and subsequent marriage to Sansa. All the same, despite Shae’s jealousy and resentment, she protects Sansa at all costs. “I love that girl. I would kill for her,” she says, in a sentiment that every woman can relate to.

Shae recognizes Sansa’s pain and the torment she endures, and it resonates with her. After all, Shae hasn’t exactly lived a life of luxury. She has known her own brand of suffering, and she’s determined to help Sansa survive hers. As mentioned earlier, Shae’s existence was more or less solitary, so she’s well-acquainted with its drawbacks. Sansa is surrounded by enemies in King’s Landing, but Shae won’t let her go through it alone. She is a mentor to Sansa in a more friendly, caring way than Cersei. I’m willing to bet she would have used her strategically hidden dagger on Petyr if he’d given her a reason to. Alas, that’s one altercation we’ll never see.

On the whole, women have enough to contend with without senselessly competing with one another, too. Shae has likely known her own string of Joffreys and Petyrs, and her experience won’t allow her to leave Sansa in their hands. Instead of tearing each other down, we need to lend a hand and help one another up.