Your Week in NHL Hockey, November 20-26: Thanksgiving Day Hockey

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Football not your speed? Perhaps you’d prefer hockey instead. Here’s Your Week in NHL Hockey, with everything you need to know about the schedule.

Note: Looking for the November 19 schedule for NHL hockey? That’s in last week’s edition of Your Week in NHL Hockey.

As fall starts to turn to winter in some parts of the United States, hockey becomes ever more pertinent. Probably something to do with the ice rink, if we had to guess. Or the padding, depending on which part of the country you’re in.

The NHL season continues, with every division still in some sort of flux, even if that variation is in the second- and third-place positions. Which games should you watch or keep an eye on this week, though?

Enter Your Week in NHL Hockey. Every game that will be played this week is here, sorted by whether or not it’s nationally televised in the United States. We also include the Canadian TV listings, because we’ve heard that hockey is apparently popular in Canada.

We source our information straight from the NHL schedule. Depending on the day, we’ll even give you recommendations — and yes, there’s hockey on Thanksgiving this year.