16 Benedict Cumberbatch Things to Watch After You See Doctor Strange

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The cast of “Fortysomething”. (Photo: ITV)


Apparently I decided to save all the things where Blasphemy Cobblepot gets to be funny for the end of this list! Fortysomething is a 2003 comedy-drama series that focuses on the life of Paul Slippery. He’s a rather anxiety-ridden doctor facing a mid-life crisis. His wife is changing careers, their marriage is going through a rough patch, and he has three sons who are all sex-obsessed. It’s hard out there for Paul, I guess.

Paul would probably much more of a jerk if he weren’t played by Hugh Laurie, who could probably make a stick of butter sympathetic. His story is largely a traditional one of mid-life frustration, but the oddball humor and weird whimsical additions (like Paul being able to hear his wife’s thoughts) keep it from being too predictable.

Cumberbatch – who is quite young in this and wow he looks it – plays Rory, one of Paul’s sons. He has wonderful father-son chemistry with Laurie, and generally spends most of the series grappling with stereotypical young people problems. (Read: girls.) Other cast members of note include Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi in a rather hilarious turn as Paul’s colleague and nemesis.

Plus, Fortysomething’s only six episodes long, so it makes for a perfect weekend afternoon binge.

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This list of Benedict Cumberbatch-related works isn’t even close to complete. There are still plenty more great feature films, audio dramas and theater performances out there to feed your brand new (or recently re-ignited) obsession with this actor. And now that he’s a Marvel star, everyone’s going to want him in their movies. That list of things to watch is only going to get longer. (This is not a bad thing, just FYI.)

But you better get started watching now.