16 Benedict Cumberbatch Things to Watch After You See Doctor Strange

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Starter for 10

Finally, a comedy! You’d think that Butterstick Crumblefluff would have made a few more of these over the years. There are so few that you might be surprised to know that Cumberbatch is actually quite funny – in a relentlessly British way, of course. He should make more of them, and fewer movies where he plays some different flavor of tortured genius.

Cumberbatch doesn’t even play a lead character in Starter for 10, which stars James McAvoy as a college student obsessed with the quiz show University Challenge. Soon after arriving at school, he joins the campus quiz team, and hijinks, romantic entanglements and predictable twentysomething soul-searching ensue. Cumberbatch plays Patrick Watts, stuck-up quiz team captain.  And he is completely ridiculous on every level imaginable in this role. You may actually have problems looking at his Sherlock the same way again after seeing this movie.  He’s that soul crushingly awkward. (And his role isn’t even that big!)

Bonus: There so many other amazing British actors in the Starter for 10 cast. They  include Alice Eve, Rebecca Hall, James Corden, Catherine Tate, Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper,  Lindsay Duncan, Mark Gatiss and more.

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