Here are 18 Joe Biden Memes You Need In Your Life

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All of the memes are pretty funny, just little jokes including the vice president and some other political figures. They are funny and sweet and don’t really have any malice in them. Unless you’re name is Donald Trump or Mike Pence. Those two are completely free game for the Biden memes and are the butt of the joke in many cases.

As you can see, they’re just a way of coping with the darkness that seems to have taken over all of us after the election results. They are just funny little ways to laugh when everything feels like it is continually getting worse and worse. We know Joe Biden is more than this meme but it makes most of us extremely happy.

And really, seeing his relationship with Barack Obama makes us think that maybe these memes aren’t too far off. But even if Biden is nothing like we have made him out to be, at least we will always have the memes to make us all happy.

Well, most of us.

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We’re going to miss you Joe. You’re one of our favorite people in all the world so you have to make sure to tweet a lot of pictures about yourself. We need to make sure you are in our memes somehow!